Saturday, March 24, 2012

Knew Knitted Blankie

Hey, blog readers! We are on the road so post subjects will be of a "portable" nature. The big knitted blanket is almost done. I have the fourth side of the border to complete. Because it is getting so big, however, I brought along a knew knitting project. It will still be a Joseph's Blankie of many colors, but it will have all four sides one color. I am thinking it will look a little more modern? Also I am using a different yarn ,slightly smaller, so I went down to a size six needle. The green row was supposed to be just one ridge wide, but I was talking to our daughter-in- law, who is due to have a baby in 2.5 weeks, and I just lost track of my "plan". So, I am making it wide and will make the next color very narrow. Unless I look at it again tomorrow in the car and decide to rip out the green and start anew. We will be in the car for two is a 24 hour trip. That is a loooong time to stare at a blankie beginning that isn't too tasty. Any bets on what I will do? Jerilynn

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