Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Do You Think This Guy is a Sports Fan?

I finished another tee shirt quilt for a friend of my daughter-in-law. I like making these things. They are fairly quick using my serger and a fleecy blanket on the back - no batting. I have showed you these before, so nothing too new here. But, what was different this time...the person wanting the quilt made as a surprise for her husband had "pre-cut" some of the shirts. Oh, oh. Yep. All different sizes. Some little squares, some rectangles. I usually just take the shirts, plop down a big square ruler and cut around! Not this time. I had to do a little thinking. So, what I did was base the squares and rectangles on units of 4, with the biggest square 16" and the smallest square 4". So, I fit the 16", 12", 8", and 4" combos together like a puzzle. It actually turned out quite good! Not that I want to think that hard again. Jerilynn

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