Monday, November 7, 2011

Knervous Knitting

I am doing some nervous knitting and decided to give the whole dishcloth/potholder thing a rest for a few days. I found a pattern in the book Knit Noro for a Zigzag scarf. You can see a little of the Noro Silk Garden scarf in yesterday's blog photo. I wondered how the scarf would look narrower, so I stopped knitting on the wider scarf and started a red wool Zigzag using 15 stitches. The zig and zag are also more frequent. I think I am liking this. Of course I do. It is red. It is garter stitch. It is mindless. Jerilynn


  1. Is it really mindless with all that zigging and zagging? I love this! And need a new knervous knitting project of my own! A change from my one and only hat pattern.

  2. It looks like red rick rac...I'm sure you'll try and "employ" it into a project!

  3. LOVE the zig this going to be for a special project...of course you are making it in RED!