Friday, November 11, 2011

Studio Time

Wonderful day spent in the studio putzing around. A bit ago I bought Redwork from The Workbasket that had a CD of hand and machine embroidery redwork designs. It recently bubbled to the top of the pile, and, avoiding other tasks I should have been doing, I decided to sew out the 12 flowers of the month. I got 10 done, 2 to go. Once they are all done, I need to figure out how to frame them out and sew them together for some sort of quilt. While sewing, I spent a bit of time staring out the window and marveling how different my view is now that the trees are bare. Lots more water. I also love how the sun sets in a different location - previously over to my right: now it is right in front. Rock star viewing. I shot of couple of pictures. You had to be there. There is a full moon tonight. I hope I have a good water reflection view by the time I go to bed. Jerilynn

1 comment:

  1. Your view in the fall is as beautiful as the view in the summer...just different. Love the embroidered blocks!