Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gorgeous Purse!!

Wowie kozowie. Dian S. at Indygo Junction made my Permission Purse using machine embroidered circles on the squares rather than using machine stitches. Absolutely gorgeous!! She used the Artistic Quilt Blocks designs by Ace Point Designs. You can find them on the Oregon Patchworks website here. There are several Artistic Quilt Blocks collections, and I thought the Collection 3 looked pretty fun. The thing about downloading embroidery designs...pretty instant gratification! Plus, they were on sale...such a deal. I sewed just one block out so far, and my color choices turned out to be not the best, but I think I love these! I might play around with the kaleidoscope feature on my Bernina V6 software to see if I can make some of my own designs. Seriously, I love the purse that Dian made! Jerilynn


  1. Cool! Give me jpegs of your color combos, and I can make tile images if you want.

  2. That is a great purse! I still want to make one...maybe AFTER Christmas!