Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Days are Numbered....

How much longer will this be the view from The Red Chair? We are back at our condo for a few days for youngest grandchild's birthday and realtor interviews. Yep, we are going to put our condo on the market and live full time at our cabin. I am finding it harder and harder to leave the cabin and feel most at home there. We are conflicted: we love the condo and our neighbors and the location, but having two big Northern Wisconsin homes is a bit crazy. Not a great time to sell a house, both market-wise and time-of-the-year-wise, but call us crazy! We are starting to force our kids to make a list of "stuff" they want. After moving my folks around these past 9 months, it will feel good to lighten our load. So far it has been interesting to see what some of the desired items are. I think childhood memories are involved at times. Once we have all the wishes listed, we will go through and try to figure out who gets what. A delightful task, for sure. Maybe this is why people don't do this until after they are long gone! I do know, though, that The Red Chair and The Red Couch will not be on the give-a-way list. That is for double sure. Jerilynn


  1. Having that beautiful home that fits your life and your whole blended family so perfectly is the best possible reason to be there forever. Plus your condo is one that folks who are looking to downsize would love, especially with all Carl's finishing touches. This is an exciting time for you all!