Saturday, November 26, 2011


Hi!  Didn't think I would be gone this long.  My dad had another heart attack and it has been, needless to say, a stressful week or two.  Good news is that he is better, back at his apartment, and can drive starting on Monday.  Add that to the Thanksgiving holiday, the first one that my mom is in a nursing home, and, well, you get the picture.  I didn't have much of an opportunity to do any creating, just getting good ideas.  I sometimes think that is half the process, though.  Don't you?  When you are really doing mindless tasks and not really seeming to be doing much.  But in the head you are working out designs.  Yep.  So now I just need to get an interface to plug into my brain and auto download ideas to the computer.  The above shot is from the and is their Hudson Bay knit blanket.  I have been on a huge camp/Navajo/Amish/Pendelton kick lately, so when I saw this blanket, I thought it was something I would like to knit.  Well, the yarn used would total over $300.  Not going to happen.  But, then  my mind starting to work on the problem and came up with a good idea.  How about doing a Hudson Bay blanket in quilting cottons?  The stripes could be one solid color or they could be squares of colors:  the red stripe would be squares of different reds, etc.  The background could be, of course, the solid white.  I also think I am going to try to do some kind of Hudson Bay thing in woolfelt.  Maybe a pillow.  I need to spend a day or two getting things back to an organized state, and then I will spend some solid sewing/creating time.  I hope you still will check in with the blog now and then.  I have missed writing it, but just was a bit out of sorts.  Jerilynn


  1. How about HB dishcloths? Lots less yarn. I think the Canadian relis would love them. Especially the one who has a ski cabin in BC. Fortunately they all knit so if I never get to it I can suggest they do it themselves.

    Hi Jer. Love to M and C.

  2. Great idea! I will get right on that!