Monday, October 31, 2011

A Cowl for a Friend

I'm baaaaack! Whew! The fast, short trip to Florida went well. I have decided that even though it was beautiful there this time of the year, a visit to the beach in February or March is much, much, more precious! I guess I love autumn too much to really want to miss any of it! Except the leaves....just spent two days helping to rake our leaves at the cabin. On top of a sore throat and earaches imported from Florida. Don't feel too sorry for me...with the leaves off the trees and at the yard waste dump, I have an even better view from the studio. Sparkly water, blue sky, and still some rust leaves to tease me with their dropping. Perfect. While on our trip, and a few days since I have been home, I managed to knit a cowl for a friend. She sweet talked me into making it for her because she said her hands hurt...hmmm...I fell for it. Only because she is a good friend from my old neighborhood. We had a short chance to catch up before I left and it was fun thinking of her and old times while knitting. Isn't that a fun thing about making something for someone? You think about that person the whole time. I hope you haven't lost interest in Jerisew(s) over the long break. I have a quilt to show you tomorrow! Jerilynn


  1. Stunning Jeri! I'm guessing that Chris has sore hands and a warm neck now!. Love this!