Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What All the Lamps are Wearing this Autumn

Finished Bandana Cowl. I tried it on almost every lamp in the house to get a picture. Heaven forbid I put it on and take a picture of me looking in the mirror. The first lamp is in our condo living room and I think it is a good stand-in for me. The second shot is the lamp in the upstairs guest bedroom. I think the scarf looks like a crazy long shore fisherman with a pointy beard. Don't you agree? Jerilynn


  1. How hard is this to make? I love the way it looks on your lamp. You would be a great model for it too!

  2. Call me! We need to talk about cowls. I have a pattern I think you'd like and I need help with it. You're the best at this (and many other things, too numerous to list here). P.S. My word verification this morning is "cotomism" - silly!

  3. I bet it looks a lot better on you than on your lamps! Pretty yarn...love the way the color shades!