Thursday, October 13, 2011


I found some leftover stripey sock yarn and decided to knit a triangular scarf. I started with three stitches and increased one stitch at the beginning of each row. Toward the end of the project (aka beginning to run out of yarn), I increased three stitches at the beginning of two rows to make the tie ends a bit longer. I blocked the project, and I think I will look very jaunty with it tied casually around my neck and under my chin(s). Quite oddly, I read that there is a big bandana revival going on...who knew??? A couple of posts ago I showed you the mess of buckaroo bibs made out of bandanas and washcloths that Ellen made for a craft fair. Am I picking up a random triangle vibe out there? I will keep my eyes open for other bandana-type spottings. Prior to now, the big scarf fad was with long scarves...I just may get to pull out my old square scarves, fold them diagonally in half, and be on the cutting edge of high fashion. Jerilynn

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  1. I just got back out a triangle scarf that I made back when I had Chippewa Carding is with the original eyelash with blue and slightly glitzy...I have gotten lots of positive comments when I wear it....who would think that a scarf that is almost 20 years old could still (again) be in style.
    Love the colors in your scarf! Have fun wearing it!