Monday, October 3, 2011

Jeri Sews and Sews and Sews.....

WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING, JERISEW??? The last few days I have been making the quilt that I talked about back in September. I got all the pieces sewn together, and, just as I feared, those 1/2" finished strips between the blocks were a bit tricky to keep straight. The original pattern had all the blocks lined up and you could really see my slight variances. So, I got the idea to offset every other row...looks good. Well, THEN I got this idea to channel quilt it using the side of the presser foot as a guide. Turns out the rows are 3/8" apart. Soooo, I have been sewing slightly wonky straight lines (I used a very slight zig-zag so the stitching isn't so harsh) over and over and over and over....still not done. Of course I do other things when I just can't take it anymore, but mostly I have been sewing rows. I should finish this tomorrow and then it's binding time. Jerilynn

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