Sunday, June 16, 2013

Subway to Birthdayland has wonderful classes in photo editing, scrap booking, crafting, etc., using Elements. I have taken several over the years and they stay on file "forever" so you can go back and watch them again and again. The most recent class I took was a class on how to do Subway art. I learned so much...not just about how to make a subway poster, but about layers, brushes, sizing, canvas wraps, and more. I did a poster using addresses and places of Carl's life , my life, and our life together. I think I want to have this printed in big format, maybe a canvas wrap. Then I decided to play around with family names and birth dates. It took a while to get everyone to fit, and I know that some kid or grand kid will question their name size or placement, but, for now, the project is done. I printed it out as 8 x 10 on some ink jet canvas. It is hanging with all the family photos on the gallery wall. Lots of possibilities here, and would make a great gift idea. Although, how many people want a birthday subway art poster with my family's info? hee, hee. Jerilynn

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