Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chalkboard Project

When we added on to our cabin, we also replaced all the old windows on the lower level with new, more efficient ones.  In the laundry room/bathroom, there were these cute three paned windows that were just too fun to toss out.  I bought some spray chalkboard paint, cleaned the glass, lightly sanded the glass with steel wool (not sure if that step really was necessary, taped off all the wood areas, and sprayed 5 - 6 light coats of paint, waiting about 20 minutes between each coat.  24 hours later I "seasoned" my new project with chalk to prevent word ghosts, and Carl hung it in our hall.  I read if you wet the chalk before you write, it looks faded, but dries to a darker color.  I will need to work on my chalkboard penmanship, but I think I will enjoy it.  We added a spare Scrabble tile holder to the bottom right to hold chalk.  I still have a big old window that has chew marks on it from when a squirrel got trapped in the cabin, two owners ago.  I think it would make a great frame at some point.  I like having a part of the old cabin put to new use.  The window is just happy to get out of the closet.  Jerilynn

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  1. Cute! What about using tailor chalk for easier writing?