Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Red Cross Swiss Army Daisy Duke Clothesline Tote

A new sample for my Quick Clothesline Carry-All was needed for Sew Complete.  The previous shop model was looking a little tired.  I had tried previously to use old jeans for the fabric wrap around the clothesline, but the result was a craft project gone bad.  I gave up that idea and just moved on.  Then, I noticed the blue jean printed cotton by Timeless Treasures Fabric, and I knew that it would give me the denim look I wanted.  I also had been batting around the idea to do some sort of red cross on the bag, piecing in the red as I sewed the background strips.  I learned something as I did this first bag - I need to have all the red pieces cut the same size and pressed before attempting to sew them in - duh.  Anyway, the result is kinda cute.  A bit off, but I am going to call it folk art.  Primitive.  Hand crafted.  I also did a zipper closure with a separating zipper.  Again, this first attempt has some rough edges, but I am going to work on an easier method.  The zipper on the top I purchased at Sew Complete - the pocket zipper is torn from a pair of Carl's old jeans.  I hope he doesn't mind.  Jerilynn

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