Friday, November 2, 2012

Rock and Roll is Here to Stay!

The bottom shot is from Pinterest and I will do some digging and find out the source.  I love Pinterest, but sometimes I feel like I am dealing with the Ogre Shrek - lots of layers!  I thought it was so cute and it could be a fun project for me to try to duplicate for Ben.  So I copied a free clipart photo of a guitar, red, of course, onto some Transfer Artist Paper.  The transfer got a little light when it went over the sleeve seam, but I think that was user error:  I was just so excited to see how it was going to look!  I think it turned out pretty cute.  The hardest thing was trying to find a white shirt for a toddler.  Once they are out of Onesies, a plain tee is rare.  Don't "they" know that part of the appeal of James Dean was the white shirt with the blue jeans?  Most everyone now would say, "Who is James Dean?"  Jerilynn

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