Friday, November 30, 2012

Swirly Snow Guys

I ordered the snowman table runner pattern from Sweetwater on their Etsy site here.  The bottom photo is from their shop and shows the kit that you can buy.  I decided to use some of my own fabric, and if I would have just zoomed in a bit, you could see that it is a tone-on-tone swirl.  I made only four men because the place I wanted to put it was just that size.  They are also all the same size - I took the photo at a goofy angle!  The other little detail that you can't see is that I sprayed the runner lightly with glue and used some Martha Stewart fine glitter to frosty them up!  With all my other snowmen decorations, it looks quite cute, indeed!  I love how the bottom photo is styled.  I think I should aspire to be a better blog-picture-taker.  Jerilynn

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  1. Quite a few Christmas's ago, I made 14 of those babies for family. I was sewing one on Christmas Eve!! They are really cute.