Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bird Bag Spotting in Cumberland

Strange birds in the tree outside our cabin.  They look quite friendly, though, don't they?  These, of course, are more Izzy Bags, made out of my current favorite fabric, KAS Oslo screenprint.  I have used a red one now for over a month and never fail to get a "where did you get that bag?" comment.  Now I will be able to answer:  "I made it, and you can buy one on my Etsy shop at".  The holiday season is fast approaching, so I am trying to get some things in my store to sell.  No, they won't cover our gift-giving-budget, but, if all else fails, and the bags go unsold, I have three gifts already made.  Perfect.  Jerilynn


  1. Jer - are all the cross-body bags the same size? The picture is deceiving. Bet they'll go quickly....maybe one to me :>)

  2. Darling! What a perfect use for that print!