Friday, November 9, 2012

Summersville Swoon

SOOO excited!  The top photo shows the Moda Summersville line of fabric by the very talented Lucie Summers (  It is probably one of my favorite collections to come out in a long time, and I haven't cut into it yet.  I just take it out and look at it quite often.  I have gone to Lucie's Etsy shop, and saw that she had a mug in white with black printing.  I loved it, of course, and wanted to order it, but also wanted it in colors!  Through some Etsy conversations, I learned from Lucie that she, indeed, had colored mugs on order, made in a very special bone china in stoke-on-trent.  Who else but the English would take the trouble to produce such special tea or coffee mugs?  The bottom shot is taken from Lucie's blog, I hope she doesn't mind!  I decided that I needed to order one of each color, even though the shipping to the US isn't exactly a bargain. They will take a couple of weeks to arrive here in Northern Wisconsin, but that gives me time to plan what delightful projects I am going to make out of the fabric to go along with the mugs.  Some will be gifts, but it is going to be quite hard for me to decide which ones to give away.  Sophie's Choice.  Of course, the Red ones will probably end up living with me, but, look at that wonderful, delicate Blue!  And the Black!  So modern and clean!  Oh, dear.   Wouldn't these designs look amazing in machine embroidery?  Lucie, do you have extra time to get on that project right away?  Jerilynn

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  1. ooo! Yes, I agree that these designs would make very cool embroidery!