Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oregon Coast Beaded Necklace

When we were on the Oregon Coast, I happened upon a bead and yarn store.  Well, I didn't just "happen upon it"....I Googled the nearest bead/yarn shop and discovered it was very close to where we were staying.  Kismet.  They had these funky black and white swirl strip big beads that managed to make the long journey back to the Midwest.  I used some Loupiac ( spacer beads that I had, and some mystery round black beads and fashioned a necklace.  Perky, don't you think?  My next beading project will be an attempt to make those leather/bead wrap bracelets that I am seeing everywhere, especially in the Sundance Jewelry catalog.  I will let you know if I discover that the huge price that they charge for those is actually quite a bargain.  Jerilynn

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