Friday, September 28, 2012

Second Table Blanket Pattern

Hello! I suppose you've noticed I have been quiet as of late. We have been on a cross-country car trip from Northern WI (home) to the Oregon Coast, where I am now. Cumberland to Deadwood, SD; to Bozeman, MT; to Boise, ID; to Reno, NV; to Portland, OR; to Seaside and Canon Beach, OR. We are at the beach for a couple of days, then slowly work our way back home. I have been thinking of all sorts of new ideas to try once back in the studio. My college friend Marva is with us and we are having a ball catching up! She follows this blog and mentioned that I have been slacking on posts lately, shaming me into action. Soooo, here is a picture of the second new pattern I did for Indygo Junction. If you are "into" Swiss Army Blankets, then you might think this pattern is interesting. If you think the blankets are dull, well, you will not find this new pattern too tasty. I wanted to keep you informed, and make sure you knew that I was still among the living. Jerilynn

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