Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fast Placemats

Oh, boy.  I should work on my photo editing skills!  The actual color of the Timeless Treasures Denim fabric is somewhat inbetween the color of the blues in the two photos.  I could spend more time making them look better, but, the weather outside today is BEAUTIFUL and I need to exit the studio and get some fresh air!  I did want to show you, however, how cute these placemats are!  I got some of the denim print fabric from Sew Complete in Eau Claire, and my friend, Kim, gave me some cool red fabrics that I thought would be perfect with the blue.  I used the self-binding method talked about in this You Tube tutorial.   I have used this method for burp cloths and baby blankets, and it works just as good for fast placemats.  The secret ingredient?  Soft and Stable!  Yep, again.  Love that stuff.  Right before you stitch the seam that you used for turning the fabric right side out, you stuff in a layer of the Soft and Stable.  It is very similar to putting a pillow case on a pillow.  Smooth in place, press, stitch.  I used two rows of straight stitching using Jean Stitch thread in the Levi Jeans color.  I thought it was a good choice.  For a 18" x 12" placemat, you cut the main fabric 24.5" x 18.5" and the accent fabric 12.5" x 6.5".  The Soft and Stable is cut 18" x 12".  Follow the You Tube tutorial, leaving an opening in one long side, about 4 inches long, to insert the Soft and Stable once the placemat is tuned right side out and pressed.  Turn under the open edge and topstich in place.  A decorative stitch would work great, too.  Yee haw!  Jerilynn


  1. Love those placemats, Jeri! What a terrific technique. I am coming out with Soft and Stable precut for placemats (in both white and black) in the next couple of weeks. This would make a great demo for those. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jeri...great the use of the red fabric I gave you!

  3. Thanks, Kim and Annie! I will be posting a square, bird placemat in the next couple of days. They are fast to make.