Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bird Quilt (I mean, Bird Placemats!)

My friend, Shirley, and I each bought a bunch of the Bird Panels from the Tranquility Collection by Sandy Gervais for Moda.  We spent a bit of time blocking out a "random" piecing strategy, using the big bird panels and the small bird squares that were a part of the borders on the panel.  Of course, Shirley's bird quilt is all done!  Not only is my quilt NOT done, but the room I was making the quilt for, the Blue Room, is in our condo, which was sold last spring.  Oops.  I wanted to make make more placemats using Soft and Stable and the mitered border technique (see September 1, 2012 blog post), so when I spied these bird squares, I knew that they were, at last, going to be used.  Some will have this striped border, others will have an orange print border.  They will look great with my vintage Crazy Daisy Corelle dishes.  I plan on making 6, which only leaves 39 bird squares left.  Oh, my.  I could make 6 napkins to match.  Which leaves 33 bird squares left.  Oh, dear.  Jerilynn


  1. You could always make 33 bird cages.

  2. If you would ever want to sell any let me know...Kathy