Sunday, January 1, 2012

Will This Fabric Be Enough for 2012?

Our friends, Jan and Tom, came up to our cabin to spend New Year's Eve with us.  During the day Tom helped Carl with some basement-building  stuff, and Jan and I had fun in the studio.  Later, we had some good food, tasty drinks; played some cards.  It was fun to relax and catch up with what they have been up to.  This morning, after breakfast, Jan suggested we go back up to the studio and tackle folding all the fabric in the storage drawers.  I had the fabric pretty much organized the way I wanted it, but most of the fabric was just shoved in the appropriate drawer.  I tend to be messy while creating and don't always take the time to make the drawers look good.  Zip zip.  In no time, she and I had one tower folded.  I had to admit - it looked great!  They had to get on the road, but I was so inspired that I spent the rest of the day folding and organizing all the other drawers.  I took pictures of the 6 towers and mushed them together to show you how neat and colorful they are.  I had a good time "finding" fabric treasures.  Now I can see what fabrics I have an abundance of , and what I might need.  Actually, I think I probably have enough of everything to make a New Year's Resolution Not to Buy More Fabric Unless Absolutely Necessary.  I hope I worded that so it is somewhat of a resolution, but not really a resolution.  Jerilynn  P.S.  Thanks, Jan!!!  Please come back again soon:)


  1. Wow....the drawers look great! What a nice helpful friend you have!
    I think you worded it may be necessary sometime to buy a border...or sashing...or more of a certain color..but you can most of the time work with what you have...which is what I have been doing also.
    I say I have enough fabric to last a lifetime...but then sometimes just need something to make a project just right.

    Happy sewing!

  2. This hits all my joy buttons, and I dont even sew! I love the visual view of the folded fabrics, and I know it's even more stunning in person! Have a great year in you quest to create something wonderful every day. We do need a day very soon to catch up. I'll call! HAppy 2012! So much to look forward to, especially your new grand baby. Xo

  3. Wynne, remember when Grandma Peggy folded all my Buttons and Rainbow fabrics?