Sunday, January 22, 2012


Yep, I did it.  Finished the quilting on a new potential pattern project with a smile on my face...until I turned the project over.  Darn it.  I shouldn't have removed the basting pins quite so quickly.  So, with sharp, small scissors in hand, I picked out the offending stitches.  Now to pick up where I left off and try to make it look seamless.  Easy.  I haven't done it yet because the last few days have been a bit magical.  I don't know exactly why, but it has been fun and relaxing and productive, all at once.  We had a huge Ikea armoire in our old tiny cabin bedroom.  After the remodel, and the nice walk-in closet, we didn't need the extra storage in our room,  so it got placed in the hall walk-in closet, which was not a great idea.  It is big and took up most of the walk-in room, plus a closet in a closet is silly.  It was a huge effort getting it into the closet, thus, the hesitancy to remove it.  Plus, we didn't really have a good spot for it.  In the meantime, I am bringing more and more stuff  treasures from the condo and have a need for more studio storage.  Last week I had an eureka moment and realized the big cabinet would be perfect in the corner of the studio to hold all the yarn stuff and yarn books.  So, after some pushing and shoving and unassembling, the walk-in closet is now walk-in-able, clean and organized.  The big armoire is in the studio with yarn, knitting needles, and books stashed inside.  The top of the cabinet is just calling out for some red storage boxes on the top.  THEN, today we took apart the bunk beds that were in the cubbie alcove of one of the bedrooms and moved them to a different room, but as two beds.  My old body didn't like making up the bunks and my friends' old bodies didn't like climbing up the ladder to sleep on the top bunk.  With just a single bed in the nook, the room looks huge and very welcoming.  The two beds in the other room still leave room for a  port-a-crib and rocking chair, when needed.  All beds need some cute new quilts.  I need to use some of that wonderfully folded and organized fabric that I have and put it to good use.  When I machine quilt the new quilts, however, I will be sure to keep the backing out of the way.   Jerilynn

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  1. Looking forward to seeing all the changes in Feb.