Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cabin Coffee

I loved reading The Boxcar Children series to my kids when they were young.  Something about kids on their own and finding a boxcar in the woods to live in...picking up furniture here and there, mismatched dishes and silverware  - and Benny finding a cracked pink cup that he used and treasured.  When we first got our cabin, I got that "boxcar" cozy feeling.  Certainly it was much larger than a boxcar, but we furnished it with some items that came with the place, some Ebay items, some Ikea, and some thrift store items.  I don't remember when I first got The Red Cup, but I use it every morning for my coffee, and I think about how much I love it.  Much the way Benny loved his cracked pink cup.  When I am at the condo, I have double-walled Bodum tall glass mugs that I drink my coffee from.  What is going to happen when we sell the place and move everything here?  What will make the cut?  What will the kids take?  What will we sell?  The mug rug that The Red Cup is on is a Bernina V6 software-designed interpretation of my new Cabin Star Table Runner pattern.  The picture is a bit distorted - the mug is actually more rectangle than square.  It is a friend of the Swiss Army Blanket coaster.  They both are expecting another friend any day  now...the Hudson Bay Blanket coaster.  So, back to the moving question:  glass mugs or The Red Mug?  I think you already know the answer.  Jerilynn  P.S.  There has been some discussion about the "cabin" name of this place.  I suppose it could be called the lake house.  I am reluctant to give the cabin name up, though, thinking maybe I will lose some of the feeling I get when I am here.  I suppose when we sell and move here permanently this place will just be called Home.  I guess that is a good name.

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  1. Home is the best name and you feel it in your heart. Promise you'll tell me if you have a sale after the kids take stuff. Any luck, and it will all be gone , making moving even easier!