Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Whoa...What a Trip!

The milestone birthday passed without too much pain. I approach this new decade with optimism and curiosity. How long does it take for decades to have an identity? I remember the latter part of the Sixties. I graduated from high school in 1970, so my high school years were the sixties. My college years were the early seventies. I remember both periods as changing, sometimes violent, full of war and riots. I was somewhat of a nerd...German club, debate team, student council. The summer of love was full of promise for the future...make love, not war. My generation was going to do things differently when in charge...peace, man. So now it is the sixties again, my sixties. We still have war, riots, unrest. I am still somewhat of a nerd. I cook, read, knit, quilt. I haven't changed the world. I don't think any of my generation really did. What will the "tens" (teens?) decade mean in the future? How soon will its identity be formed? What will our grandchildren remember about the good old days of 2012? I know I will remember the year I turned 60. So far this decade is pretty groovy!

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