Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ordinary Time

Yes, I know I used that post title last January.  I go through a bit of a decompress every year about this time.  After the Christmas hub-bub and all the decorations get put away and the house gets a cleaning and some organization is done - I let out a big sigh and hunker down.  Usually the weather is so cold/snowy/blowy/dreary that hunkering down is survival.  This year, though, the weather has been breaking records, and the sky has been pretty blue.  It is just in my bones, however, to lay low.  I have been doing some digitizing as you can see from the coasters.  The scissors coaster did not turn out.  A redesign is in order.  Carl finished the pantries (yes - three pantries! ) and I spent a day cleaning out the kitchen cupboards and making good use of all the new pantry space.  The cupboards now have breathing room.  They are taking a big sigh, too.  I think the other new basement storage areas will be done in plenty of time for a move here (cabin..house...lake), hopefully in the not too distant future.  I will try to keep in mind how good it feels to have neatness and order and space and bring up memories, not stuff.  Jerilynn  P.S.  Here is a shot of  one of the pantries before I started to add items.  Two more of these are opposite.  Nice.  Carl is amazing.


  1. You are lucky (Carl) and blessed (Carl), all in the same breath. Don't you agree? Oh yes, and the Bernina gods smile on you as well!

  2. You are one lucky lady--and Carl is pretty fortunate too! I will be there in February for sure!