Monday, September 26, 2011

What a Cute Little Punkin!

Talk about a cute pincushion! Just the other day I thought I needed another pincushion to add to a little collection I have going and then I remembered this BHG craft I saw. Another fast and easy project. There are two other pincushion pumpkins and I may try another day. I put a couple of small rocks in the bottom, then the poly fluff. The rocks help weight the pumpkin down and now he stands up, ready to help with the pins. The mouth is stitched Woolfelt, but wouldn't a zipper as teeth be adorable?!! Jerilynn


  1. I've got my on his crazy stenciled porcelain button peeper and domino button nose. Nice. That is definitely a split personality pincushion. Try covering up one side and then the other. Love the zipper stem.

  2. Looks like a Tim Burton creation! Way to go!

  3. Way cute and quite quirky..great addition to your zipper collection!