Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Head Cold Has Done Funny Things to My Head

Doesn't it look as if the lake were on fire in the first photo? The sunset tonight was just incredible. If I still weren't so exhausted from the silly cold, I would have run right down to the end of the dock and taken a proper sunset lake picture. But my energy only allowed me to shoot through the window of the studio. Just use your imagination. The second shot is of a round basket that I made before the quilt expo/face treatment/head cold period of my life. It is a pretty big basket, too big for a purse. Great for a yarn basket, and it looks good up in the studio. I want to try more round shapes rather than oval. I see I am back to my old color habits again., though. I must break out of this! I did buy a new shirt the other day and it was a strange choice for me: dark pink. Maybe this means that I am getting over red???!!! A post from The Pink Chair???!!! Shudder. Jerilynn

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