Friday, September 2, 2011

She's Come Undun!

Yes, it has been a little stressful of late. I found my bin of cotton yarn and decided to take out some of my nervous energy on knitting needles. Nothing too complicated, although I would like to find a cute fish dishcloth pattern. I have been making a few dishcloths on size 6 needles, mostly just garter stitch or seed stitch because I love the texture. Once in a while I will make some Ballbands. Love that pattern. Then I switch to size 9 needles and two strands of cotton yarn to make some garter stitch potholders. 24 stitches make a good size. I throw all of the new cloths in the washer and dryer and they come out nice and soft and absorbent. I have lots of little odds and ends colors left so I tie strands together, willy-nilly, and let the knot show. I think it adds more texture and scrubbing power! I have found that most of the dishcloths I made a few years ago, when I discovered the simple joy of making endless squares, have started to fade quite a bit and a few holes are there. Good time to put the old ones in the rag pile and fill the drawer with some new color. I also found a crochet afghan that has a pretty good start to it so I have added a few rows on that. My children get worried when I start piling up the knitted squares. Jerilynn

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