Saturday, September 24, 2011

Duluth Trees

I bought this kit at the Quilt Expo in Madison. It is by Frieda Anderson, from the Chicago School of Pattern Works. Ellen and I took one of her classes on machine quilting, and, afterwards, visited her vendor booth on the floor. This little kit somehow managed to talk its way into coming home with me. I loved Frieda's hand-dyed fabrics and the funky trees. At first I followed the instructions, but she mostly said, "just free-hand cut shapes as you wish." So I did that, and I think the little wall quilt turned out pretty good. I fused the shapes and stitched around all the edges with some accent quilting hither and yon. I left the shape of the quilt a bit wonky, fused a striped of fabric, cut with a wavy rotary blade, around the edges and stitched in place. Right now it is over one of the windows by the lake view. I thought it looked good with the water and the trees. We shall see if that is where it will stay. It gave me confidence to try my own fabric fused pictures. Tomorrow. Jerilynn

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