Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Couch Pillow

I probably shouldn't show you my latest project.  It is strongly influenced by a famous British designer's style.  I researched and found out that it is okay to do this for personal use only, so I hope that extends to personal blogs, too.  Normally I am a very cautious person - I don't even remove the labels off our  mattresses.  Anyway, I am on a pillow kick, trying to update our living room a bit.  The background of this pillow is a wonderful natural-colored linen.  The petals of the applique are made out of Cherrywood hand-dyed cottons.  I cut out a petal shape, sewed two pieces together, turned it right side out through a slit in the back, and stitch them on the pillow with invisible thread and a tiny pick stitch on my sewing machine.  The center stem is also from Cherrywood and I turned that tiny tube with my smallest Fastturn tool.  Linen wrinkles, so I wanted to make sure the pillow cover was removable, so I stitched a zipper in the back.  I didn't realize until the zipper was sewn in that I had sewn it upsidedown.  So, I cut off one end, slid the zipper pull out, and fed the pull on to the zipper right side up.  I was shocked to find out that this idea actually worked!  Who knew?  Jerilynn

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