Monday, January 6, 2014

Beer, Baby Sweaters, and Wonky Fronts

A while ago I bought a kit for the Tulip Cardigan Sweater at Eat.Sleep.Knit here.  I read about it on the November 25, 2013, blog on  Surprisingly (not) her sweater looked a bit less odd in the bottom front area.  This was the first time I knitted applied I-cord, so maybe that has a bit to do with it.  It still is cute in a hand-knit sort of way.  Stephanie was right on her blog:  it is a very fun knit, and fairly quick.  Lots of color combos are available.  I now want to look at my Pinterst knitting and crochet board to see if there are other little sweaters to knit, something for a 4 year old boy.   I would like to try a Baby Surprise sometime, but my first effort, years ago, was not very successful.  I ordered a line by line worksheet to go along with the pattern.  Hope it helps.  I promise I will show you some sewing projects soon.  This cold weather finds me happily under a blanket, knitting away, beer at the ready.  Oh, wait.  Maybe THAT is why the front got wonky.  The beer.  Jerilynn

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