Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mittens and Vodka - Cold Weather Necessities

Yep, it is cold and we are taking the severe cold warnings very seriously.  We went out to breakfast today, the last day before the super-sub-zero-three-day-blast, and then to the grocery store.  Kielbasa, beef roast, potatoes, onions...just what any good Wisconsin grandma needs in her cold weather arsenal.  We also are not dumb: we checked our vodka supply and it was seriously close to empty.  That was close.  I mostly have been in The Green Chair, under an afghan, knitting away.  The little mittens are for Benjamin (4) and Addy (almost 2).  The big ones are for moi.  I will not be wearing any mittens for three days because I plan not to venture out.  I hope the little ones do not wear their new mittens either, for the very same reason.  The yarn I used is Berroco Peruvia 100% wool (not the washable wool) and I am finding that it felts beautifully.  At almost $10 a skein, it is not cheap, but it only takes about 2 for a pair of mittens.  $20 and a few days to protect precious hands from frostbite is a bargain.  Cheaper than the bottle of Absolut that we bought.  Jerilynn

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