Saturday, January 10, 2015

Wild and Free and the Threads of Time

Maureen Cracknell has designed a limited edition collection of fabrics called Wild and Free.  I had decided I was going to TRY to not buy more fabric for a while, but when I saw this collection, I caved in.  I just love the folk art quality of the collection.  On her blog, here, she did a large bear paw block with some reds added to some of the Wild and Free fabrics.  I decided to copy her, and make not only the red blocks, but some yellow and blue ones, too.  I used my 4.5" square ruler to cut the little blocks, making the block finish at 28" .  I figure if I make two blocks of each color, and use one of the great Wild and Free prints for a small border, I should have a quilt that is about the right size for a twin topper.  Once again, it is a fun time to go through my fabric bins and find not only some colored fabric to throw in the mix, but also find some great backgrounds.  There is another new collection out that is trying to break my resolve:  Threads of Time by Julie Hendricksen. 
This is a shot of the neutrals in the collection.  Mmmmm.  Another connection to this collection is some sewing history.  Julie owns a fabulous quilt shop in Sun Prairie, WI, that is chock full of primitive fabrics.   Probably back in the early 90's I first visited this shop with my friend, Jane, now a sewing angel.  I remember looking in the window and saying "I better not go in there...."  I am not sure I even bought anything that day.  I was that gob-struck.  It was also the first time I had seen packets of fat quarters, all tied together.  Working there at that time, was the mother of another good sewing friend, Joani.  Joani's mom is now part of the angel sewing guild with Jane, Jane, Peggy, and Lucille.  I can only imagine the heavenly quilts those ladies are turning out!  The other fabrics in this collection are wonderful, too.  The kind of fabrics you turn to time and again.  Even though I think my style is more modern and quirky, these fabrics fit right in.  I think I am talking myself into a big purchase.  Well, it IS my birthday month!  Jerilynn 


  1. I love those stripes - zingers!!

    (One of the striped patches is turned the wrong way (bottom right) ;) )

    That block design and fabric really work well on such a large scale.

    1. Yes, I noticed that turned block during the final pressing....decided to leave it. Adds character?

  2. Like your block...and both of the groups of fabrics...the second group is a great collection of shirting fabrics...I may have to add some of that to my stash too.