Friday, January 9, 2015

Finished Flannel Quilt

All done!  What a fun project.  I discovered, while trying to get good pictures of this quilt, that flannel doesn't photograph well.  Or, I just don't know how to photograph flannel well.  I was going to bring the plaid back to the front for an easy binding, but the plaid was just a slightly bit askew on the back and I didn't like that look.  So, I hand cut the binding on the bias and I like the look (bottom photo).  I think the Churn Dash quilting looks good.  Any closer quilting would have made the whole thing too stiff.  It is definitely a cold weather quilt!  I still need to make a label once I come up with a good name for this blanket.  Still having fun, enjoying the sunshine from the studio, keeping warm.  Jerilynn


  1. I'm thinking....

    Cozy Cabin
    1 Pine Tree Lane
    Squaresville, WI 54777

    Or Pine Tree Lane for short.

    Nicely done. When will the pattern be available?