Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blue Bear Paw Block

One blue block done!  I am fighting a bit of a nasty cold, and took yesterday off from sewing.  I did manage some Knervous Knitting, and I watched a Craftsy class on sergers, so I guess I was still somewhat productive.  On these blocks I am pressing all seams open, which is what Weeks and Ringle, of Modern Quilt Studio, do with all of their piecing.  I do think that the blocks are nice and flat.  I will now move on to making a red block, then go and do one more block of each color.  I supposed it would be more efficient to do both colored blocks at one time, but I like working on  the variety of colors.  I am long past the time of getting back to work...so, tomorrow I must tackle The List!  Jerilynn

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