Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Little Elf Doll

We recently took a "look at the tree colors" ride on the back roads to Hayward, WI, a tourist town full of shops and a giant candy and fudge store.  Okay, maybe the ride was to stock up on candy for the long winter that is coming up, but the leaves were a good excuse.  There is a wonderful Scandinavian store there that is a simply must-visit each time we are in town.  I love all the red, of course, but also the wonderfully simple and whimsical Swedish decorations.  I have been loving the bottle topper elves that I have been making, but elf figures caught my eye at the store and I thought I could make one!  We stopped at Bargain Bills in Rice Lake on the way home, and I bought a 3 1/2" wooden doll form.  I cut some red felt to fit the form, stitched on some hearts on the hem, and some snowflakes on the hat.  I got out my glue gun, and in no time at all, I had a new friend.  Of course, I had to spritz him with glitter.  I did some internet searching for wood doll forms, and discovered that this form actually is a female form - narrow on top, but wide on the bottom.  The male wood doll forms are straight up and down.  I like the chubby shape of this elf, so underneath his furry beard he is all girl!  This little guy will be cute on a window ledge with some like buddies, or could be hung on a tree.  Felt, glitter and glue....heaven!  Jerilynn  P.S.  Happy October!  One of my favorite months! 


  1. Thank you for all your comments! Let me know if you want the elf pattern!