Saturday, October 25, 2014

What is Old is New Again

I'm seeing plaid everywhere, aren't you?  I had a little pair of Addy's jeans (size 2T) that were too small in the legs, but the waist still fit.  I cut them off below the zipper and added a ruffled flounce of plaid flannel.  I pulled out my Bernina ruffler attachment that I had for my old 1630, fit the Bernina 440!  I was happy about that.  Rufflers are cool to use.  It's a bit tricky to figure out how long to cut the strip you want to ruffle to fit whatever you are sewing it onto, but once you figure out the ratio, it is super fast sewing.  I made Ellen a jean skirt like this about 25 years ago.  Her's had three plaid ruffles, all a different plaid.  Had I known that such a skirt may be in style again in 2014, I may have held on to that.  I have also been remembering some of my smock tops I hand embroidered back in my college days in the 70's.  How fun would it be to have those again!?  And ponchos!  And boots!  I am sure at least those Frye boots would still fit...and the ponchos....maybe not the smock tops.  Jerilynn

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  1. I remember those smock tops very well! They were so cute!