Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hidden Messages

Let's see if you can "read" the pillow patchwork.  It says "Lijewski" for those of you that just don't see it at all!  I made the towel in the bottom photo (complete with use wrinkles) from the scrap bin that you see in picture two.  The towel was made with a stitch and flip method, using scraps and bits of leftover patchwork.  A couple rows of selvedges finish the top and bottom of the patchwork.  Seeing it in our kitchen, I almost thought the patchwork had a hidden message!  So, I got the idea to free form piece a strip that actually did spell out something.   It turned out too big for a towel, thus the pillow.  The blocks and strips that make up the letters finish about 1".  I didn't want to go smaller.  I only used a school ruler and scissors to cut up little pieces to use.  I wanted an improvisational look in both the towel and pillow.  It was a good exercise in letting go of perfect cutting and sewing.  Quite fun.  Jerilynn  P.S.  Simply glorious views outside the windows today...bluer than blue sky, sparkly water, yellow, gold, red, orange and green trees.  Very thankful for this inspirational place to create!


  1. I saw it right away....being a Lijewski and all...

  2. Fun idea!!!
    The colors have been gorgeous here also...though they are fading and trees losing leaves.