Friday, September 19, 2014

Woolfelt Cabin Scene

I have been busy getting ready for the sewing talk I am going to give in October, but in the meantime, I received another large order from Idlewild, an outfitter shop downtown Cumberland.  They have been a big source of orders for me all summer.  Even though the tourist season is winding down, they are still are very busy and want more stuff.  That is good, but it is keeping me very busy. They wanted a couple of little pictures to hang on a wall, or use on a table, so I made the cabin/tree/lake scene and the tree/arrow mat.   I have been frustrated because I couldn't figure out how to do a huge embroidery picture in my Bernina V7 software, but use my Pfaff Grand Dream Hoop.  After some research, it seams as if other sewers with a similar set-up have also been frustrated.  One suggestions given was just to hoop a big embroidery with multiple sew-outs in a smaller hoop.  Duh!  Why I didn't think of that is rather embarrassing.  I designed the cabin/tree/lake scene as one big scene, then saved chunks of it in different files.  I printed a paper "road map" of the embroidery, taped all the multiple pages together and went about and stitched the various parts. The second shot above is how it looked before trimming.  Cool!  The tree/arrow mat is a variation of a penny rug.  The bottom shot is a pillow with just the cabin and some trees.  I hope they sell fast, but I hope any reorders wait just a bit!  Being up in the studio this time of year is wonderful, though.  The trees are starting to surprise with color and I hear acorns thud.  The dock gets pulled in tomorrow - always a bit bittersweet.  But, that means that winter is coming, and I really don't mind that.  The snow is always beautiful, and ice on trees will take my breath away!  It is quiet up here in the winter and so cozy.  Recoup time.  Jerilynn

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