Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My New Friends

For a few years I have been loving the elf/santa/gnome bottle toppers that pop up during the holidays.  I even bought a few on clearance last year so I could make some myself.  Well, I didn't come up with an exact copy, but mine I think are pretty cute! I took my beloved Woolfelt, and threw it in the washer and dryer and it came out soft and bubbly and wonderful!  I designed a cone shape on my Bernina V7 software and added snowflakes around the bottom and a few scattered here and there.  Hard to see, but I put "diamonds" on the scattered flakes. I found some
Mongolian Curly White Faux Fur 30x36 Photography Prop on etsy.  I cut out a beard shape, being careful only to cute the fur backing, not the fur itself, so that it still maintained the long, fluffly edges.  I sewed the top of the beard to the bottom of the hat with a matched thread and a straight stitch.   As I sewed up the back seam, I added a cord and tied a bell once the hat was turned inside out.  A wooden plug was glued in place for a nose.  I designed a second version that I don't have a picture of right now.  It has primitive trees along the bottom, and I sewed it out on a light brownish Woolfelt, also washed and dried.  It has a woodland feel. I used a rusted bell on the top, but am looking for some rusted small stars - wouldn't that be perfect?   Last Christmas I bought a few bottles of wine that had Christmasy labels.  I never drank the wine, it didn't look like it would be all that great, so now I have bottles for my new creations.  This little guy would also look good on a dish soap bottle, or a shampoo bottle, lotion, etc.  A good gift idea.  I also think these would be darling sprayed with a little glitter!  Just be careful when opening the wine...not too many people like THAT kind of sparkly wine.  Jerilynn

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