Wednesday, October 16, 2013

There Will Be a Slight Construction Delay....

What a crazy few weeks!  I gave a talk/trunk show/demo at Sew Complete the first part of October.  Prior to that I sewed and created for hours a day to finish up some projects to show.  At the same time I sent off to Indygo Junction another Modern America quilt, this time an applique version for Fall Market. That was followed by a request for pillows to match.  I was keeping my nose slightly above water when I got the phone call that you don't want to get...."Jer, there has been an accident."  I was having lunch with my mom on the way home from the last lecture.  Carl was working with our builder on our new screen porch room and he was doing the sawing while Joe was doing the nailing.  Carl got distracted and ran his right pointer finger into the table saw.  Two ER trips, one reconstructive surgery, and two weeks later, Carl is doing good.  We go in tomorrow to take off the original surgery bandages.  He should have good use of the finger and joints, once the broken bones heal.  The finger will be shorter, part of the top bone was too crushed to save.  We are lucky that a hand reconstruction specialist happened to be coming to the hospital here the day after the accident.  We are lucky that Joe was here with Carl to take him to the ER.  I am lucky that Carl is the best-natured guy in the world and has been the best patient ever.  The first couple of days were rocky for him, but, other than a huge bandage on his right hand, he is back doing most everything.  I spent the last few days digging out my studio from the sewing frenzy/drop everything from the lecture.  I did find some time, however, to make a blanket for a doll for our youngest granddaughter, Addy.  Addy and her parents are going to Costa Rica for a couple of weeks on a sabbatical.  The doll, with extra clothes, will be an airplane toy.  I thought the baby could use a blanket, and had a few scraps left of Addy's first year clothes.  You may remember the blanket I made for Addy's first birthday.  Anyway, the little squares are 2.5" and are serged together then stitched to a soft blanket and bound.  The doll may not appreciate the softness, but I think Addy will like her baby having a blanket like hers.  The construction of the screen porch is still coming along.  Carl figured out he could use his nail gun with his left hand.  He is slowly sawing boards for the interior finish, but with much attention.  Whew.  Jerilynn

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