Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Cute Bag and A Cute Grandson

Finished a bag I have been working on.  It is A Cute Bag by Ginnie Kelly of Wonder Woman Quilts.  It is A Much Cuter Bag in person.  Color is off in the photo and I had a hard time getting it corrected.  Anyway, the fabric is a heavier home-dec fabric.  The stripey side is one side of the fabric, and the little square dots is the other side.  The reverse of the bag looks just like this side with the rounded pocket.  The two big outer pockets are closed with magnets, then there are two outside zipped pockets, one inside pocket for the cell phone, and one inside zipped pocket for treasures.  I added a zipper to close the top instead of the magnet in the instructions.  I also made the strap different.  I ran out of fabric - I used almost every bit of the fabric I had on hand - and didn't have enough for the wider strap which is supposed to attach to the top of the rounded pocket.  The fabric I used was just a bit too thick, but I managed to sew through all of the millions of layers just fine.  Trick is to use a very heavy needle - in this case it was a 110 topstitch needle, the kind I use to hem jeans.  I have been upstairs in the studio most of the day, while the electric stuff is being finished in the porch.  Our oldest grandson, Nick, has been working with his father, a commercial electrician, all summer.  Carl called Nick a couple of days ago and asked for help with finishing the electrical stuff.  Carl couldn't do it with his current finger mishap, but knew that Nick could do it.  Lucky us, Nick was able to come up today to help.  We now have working plugs, an outdoor light, a ceiling fan/light, and a hanging lantern light for over a table.  Carl is working on finishing the window and door trim before we put in the modular carpet.  It will be a race to see if it can be finished in time to use it a couple of times before the long winter freeze.  Happy hour will be under the lights on the screen porch tonight!  Woo hoo! Jerilynn

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