Friday, October 18, 2013

These Shoes Are Made For Storing

The picture in the middle is from, and it is a shot of part of her studio.  She is a multi-talented knitter, sewer, jewelry-maker, graphic designer, and so on and so on.  Her studio was shown in the Spring 2012 issue of Studios by Cloth.Paper.Scissors.  My friend Bonnie, of the Big Bottom Bonnie Bag fame, came up for a lesson on her new sewing machine.  She needed a little one-on-one instruction and I was happy to help.  She picked up this Studios issue and thumbed through and spied the pink shoes on the wall in Shelley's studio and said that is something I should do.  I agreed!  I was in the shoe business for many years and had some fun shoes that were just being stored in a box.  I couldn't get rid of them...they were just too cute.  I remembered the Zalo needlepoint ladybug flats that I purchased in New York for a ridiculous amount of money.  I wore them a few times, but, though cute, were a bit uncomfortable, and maybe just a tad quirky.  They remind me of my career days, and, because of the ladybugs, I just cannot send them to another home.  Carl, with his finger still bandaged, helped me pound in hangers in the heels, and the shoes now hang on my studio wall, in the "ladybug" corner.  I don't know what they are going to hold yet, but they look pretty darn perfect.  Much better than being in the box in the storage room.   Then I spied my old ladybug rain boots that haven't been used in quite a while.  They wanted to be part of the party, too, so now they are holding  yardsticks.  When we moved from our condo to the lake, I got rid of tons of stuff, but there were a few things that were just too dear or sentimental that I couldn't part with.  I wonder what else I could rescue from a box and give it new purpose?  Jerilynn  P.S.  We saw Carl's finger for the first time yesterday at the doctor's office.  Somewhat shocking.  He is back to his building project today, of course, not letting a shorter finger slow him down much. 

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