Thursday, February 23, 2012


My friend, Joani, told me about some friends of hers that did their own architectural  letter name picture with shots taken around their cabin.  Duh.  Why didn't I think of that?  What a great idea!  I have looked at those internet sites several times and wanted to get our name done, but was put off by the bottom line.  Well, within about 30 minutes I had the photos taken, changed to black and white, and printed.  Now I need to dash down to our local framing shop that is very reasonable and get them matted and framed.  I am very excited about this!  Since the letters are from our cabin stuff, it means so much more.  Kay is here sewing with us and a suggestion was made to use her picture for the "K".  That would be fun.  Patrick has a friend named Jay.  I could find a picture of Ellen for the "L".  Everyone has an eyeball I could shoot.  (ouch)  E and S?  Jerilynn   P.S.  CDB book - check it out!


  1. There was a family (from Eau Claire) at the recent Banbury Art Crawl that had done just this. The daughter worked for over a year to get pictures like this, from all sorts of sources. They had multiple images for each letter, had stacks of black-and-white photos you could buy of each, and had developed a system to compile names - or whatever - in a snap under glass line-up. Quite clever. I'm going to start giving my eye to letters and can't wait to see your sign. Clever, ever!

  2. I love that you decided to do this and then promptly got it DONE! Just like that, and very artistically too. You have an artists eye Jeri.and it works for whatever you decide to focus on!