Monday, February 6, 2012

Alpine Mess Hall Clean-up Aid

As you can see, I am not over the whole blanket thing yet.  I decided to try to knit a Swiss Army Blanket dishcloth, using the intarsia method for the white cross.  I wasn't exactly sure on how to do it - I have only inserted designs with other colors in something that is knitted in stockinette.  I just twisted and turned the threads so that it looked good, at least on one side.  I haven't washed this yet, which is what I usually do with washcloths to shrink them a bit and make sure I have all the threads secured.  I was just in such a hurry to show you the new cloth.  I bet no one else in the whole world has made one of these.  I know.  You are shocked at that.  Jerilynn

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