Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chased By the Mess

Chased By the Light  by Jim Brandenburg (1998) :  "Renowned nature photographer Jim Brandenburg gave himself a challenge: for ninety days between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice, he would make only one photograph a day. As his shutter opened and closed on that first day, his 90-day journey began. This exquisite book is the result of that bold and immensely personal project."  Jim used FILM, and allowed himself only one shot a day.  Can you imagine being a professional photographer, used to taking shot after shot to get just the right image, but only allowing yourself just one chance to get it right?  These shots were taken in the Northern Minnesota Boundary Waters and the resulting photos and Jim's reflections are not to be missed.  Go to his website and look at the slide show of the photos, but, better yet, buy the book.  You won't be sorry.  I have pondered many times about the sheer abundance of materials I have to work with...fabrics, yarns, beads, paints, photos...I am constantly torn from one project to another, just touching the surface of creativity.  Even in the sewing side of my life...Cottons?  Quilts?  Bags?  Woolfelt?  Embroidery?  What if I took the Jim Brandenburg challenge and limited myself to one craft, one medium, one project a day?  No frogging allowed halfway if the good idea in my brain doesn't translate well into reality.  As you can see from the above photo, I am knee deep in taking the ideas I have and making them work, or in most cases, not work.  Paper cut-outs after paper-cutouts, sample after sample...not right yet,  must be easy enough to explain in a pattern, but still clever enough to ring creative bells.  I have been sewing, thinking, cutting, frogging.  Repeat.  If I DID set up narrow guidelines, would it result in opening up the flow of creative juices and production?  Would it be even more frustrating to learn something from a failed idea and not be able to try again until the next day?  Unfortunately I have some deadlines looming for new patterns, and I must continue to make a mess until something bubbles to the top.  I will come out of the wilderness now and then to tell you how I am doing.  Jerilynn

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  1. Do I see a heart bowl in the picture?? Shamrock??