Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Holly

Hey, Martha!  Look at this!  Remember the maple leaf felt bowl?  My friend, Shirley (the cute one I talked about a few days ago) came up with the idea of turning the leaf into a holly.  So, I did a few attempts and came up with a pretty good looking felt-holly-bowl.  For holly berries, I glued on sparkle red pom-poms.  Bet you didn't know that such a thing as sparkle red pom-poms existed.  I haven't bought any cutely-wrapped Christmas candy to put in the bowl yet.  It is just resting on the stair banister looking perky.  Heart bowls?  Shamrocks?  Easter Eggs?  Lots of bowl ideas.  I will go on a candy hunt to get just the right shape, color, taste, to put in the bowl.  You may drop off candy auditions on the screen porch at the condo. Jerilynn


  1. So many your holly it looks great filled with candy!