Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Hills are Alive....

The following blurb about Swiss Army Blankets is taken from here.  "The original Swiss army blankets are a unique product in many respects! Manufactured from the end of the 1900`s through the early sixties of the last century, their intended use was providing warmth if the swiss would become involved in a war. Stored in caves in the Swiss Alps, they remained there for many years as fortunately that war never came. In the sixties production of this type of blanket stopped. Every once in a while since then, a limited number of these blankets, unused en brand-new, but at the same time pure vintage, have become available.
And then, DEKEN tapped into this hidden treasure....

Made of pure sheeps wool and in various shades of gray-brown, marked with a red and white cross-track, the blankets are hand made and indestructible, typical of genuine Swiss quality. The blankets are individually marked with the initials of the maker as well as the year of production. From the variation in colour of the band and the shape and way of construction of the crosses you can instantly recognize the hand of individual makers; sometimes the bands are more orange, sometimes they have a pretty, clear Swiss cross and sometimes they even have a stainless steel coin or seal. As such, all blankets are different, which is part of the charm. When combining several items from different blankets, the variations in colour and markings match strikingly.

That is your history lesson for today.  I have become blanket crazy lately.  Maybe it is the time of the year - I have warmth and coziness here at the cabin and am drawn to all sorts of blanket types.  The Swiss Army logo has always been a favorite of mine.  Simple.  RED.  Somewhere on the internet I saw a red Swiss Army watch that I marked as a favorite.  I will find the bookmark someday.  The Swiss also make Berninas.  Fabulous sewing machines.  I have a couple of other brands that I use and like, but you never get over your first love.  I think the machines are no longer made in Switzerland, but I have read that they are made to the exacting Swiss standards.  Years ago we had a foreign student for a school year.  David.  From Switzerland.  He would bring back wonderful chocolate for us when he would go back home for a visit.  Plus, wish I had a nickel for every time I have watched Sound of Music!   Did you happen to catch the cast reunion last year on Oprah?  Magic.  Bawled the whole show.  I just saw the second Sherlock Holmes movie and it appeared, for a bit, that Sherlock Holmes met his death in Switzerland, at a castle built over the Reichenbach Falls.  Turns out...WARNING...SPOILER ALERT!...that he survives, but I found through some research today that  the breathtakingly beautiful castle was digitally invented.  Darn.  I was ready to spiff up my German or French and book a trip.  So, given the whole blanket, Swiss thing, I decided to make my own Swiss Army Blanket Pillow (top photo).  I used WoolFelt (of course) and used the Bernina V6 software to add my initials and date of manufacture to the bottom front.  I used 2012 as the date...I rushed things a bit, but it is so close to 2012 that I took liberties.  Fake castle over the Reichenbach Falls, fake year on the pillow.   Jerilynn  P.S.  Found the watch - it is in the Sundance Catalog....$295.00....eeek.


  1. Sound of Music is set in Austria. Interesting to hear about the Swiss blankets and your version is lovely.

  2. Thanks for the history lesson...I just watched the
    Sound of Music last of my favorite movies. Your pillow is great...and love the bags...did you make those??

  3. Oops. As Sue pointed out, Sound of Music is set in Austria...duh. But, they supposedly escape at the end of the movie by crossing the Alps into Switzerland. So, I guess it may still be somewhat related...sort of. And, Kim, no, I did not make the bags, but would love to own one!!!